Helping community based agencies succeed for over 20 years


Over the past 20 years, I have obtained over $47 million for capital, operations and special projects needs for my clients, which include non-profit organizations, housing authorities, school districts, city and county departments, community coalitions, and health care providers.

Part of the joy of grantwriting is the joy of hearing that the agency got the money! But fundamentally, what drives my grantwriting is my desire to help communities - and people in the community - succeed. I want accessible and affordable housing, enough food for everyone, healthy families, schools that are vibrant places of learning, and neighborhoods where we feel connected and engaged with each other.  What drove me as a social worker in my 20s still motivates me today as a grantwriter and consultant.

In addition to grantwriting, I offer community assessment, program planning and evaluation services to human service providers and funders. This allows me to provide well-rounded consultation to clients seeking to develop and put forward their strongest programs.

Ninety percent of my clients are repeat clients or are referred by satisfied clients. If you need responsive, flexible grantwriting or consulting, I hope you'll contact me!

You can reach me at:
Phone: 360-705-1233